The Company is not treating historical estimates as current mineral resources or reserves. The Company has not undertaken any independent investigation of the drill results or resource estimates nor has it independently analyzed the results of the previous exploration work in order to verify the resources. The Company believes that these historical results and estimates provide a conceptual indication of the potential of mineral occurrences within the project and are relevant to ongoing exploration.


  • Liberty One holds 39,000 acres in the Pocitos salar in a region of significant exploration and production.
  • Only the surface of Pocitos salar has been sampled, by DGFM in 1979 and by Li3 Energy Inc, in 2010.
  • Both companies identified lithium anomalies close the surface of the salar.
  • The geophysics carried out for Li3 Energy, Inc. confirms that the salar extends beneath the alluvial fan from the West trending towards Liberty One property.
  • The basin is at least 500 meters deep.
  • Pocitos salar is an exploration target with high potential to host lithium–bearing brine at depth.
  • The property holds potential as a major lithium resource able to meet growing global demand.