Liberty One Lithium Corp. is an exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of high grade lithium brine deposits.

Our three core values:

  1. Location: A global approach to securing low risk, high-value projects is an ongoing process. Market forces are creating significant acquisition opportunities in South America’s  “Lithium Triangle” positioning the region as a primary target region.
  2. Team: Liberty’s international team is comprised of recognized technical experts that have focused on lithium for decades, including a number of colleagues that previously worked within drilling companies, laboratories, engineering and chemical specialty firms.
  3. Capital Management: The Company was founded on the premise that capital is scarce and will be stubbornly managed with a critical eye on value-creative decision making. Liberty has an established history of raising significant capital at continuously higher share prices; thus, ensuring the Company is well-capitalized and consistently creating value for shareholders. Markets have responded with compelling liquidity – a critical factor for our major institutional investors.liberty-one-lithium-logo-ideas-v4-1920x1080px-01

Liberty One believes that access to strategic lithium resources are the key to a robust energy strategy to protect global economic stability.