Liberty One Lithium Corp. is an exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of high grade lithium brine deposits.

Our three core values:

  1. Location: The “North Paradox” property consisting of 233 placer claims encompassing 4,480 acres located within the Paradox Basin in Grand County, Utah. Log data at the Utah Geological Survey library indicates the area appears rich with supersaturated brines, and nearby long-term mine operations effectively demonstrate the climatic efficacy for traditional evaporative production processes.
  2. Team: Liberty’s international team is comprised of recognized technical experts that have focused on lithium for decades, including a number of colleagues that previously worked within drilling companies, laboratories, engineering and chemical specialty firms.
  3. Capital Management: The Company was founded on the premise that capital is scarce and will be stubbornly managed with a critical eye on value-creative decision making. Liberty has an established history of raising significant capital at continuously higher share prices; thus, ensuring the Company is well-capitalized and consistently creating value for shareholders. Markets have responded with compelling liquidity – a critical factor for our major institutional investors.
  • Initial prospect located in Utah’s Paradox Basin
  • Historic resource indicates potential to produce large volumes of brine on-site.
  • Exploration & production-friendly jurisdiction (existing mining operation in-place)
  • No complex water issues.
  • Exceptional climate for evaporation purposes, existing infrastructure and year-round access to road and rail.
  • Experienced management, solid business and financial leadership.liberty-one-lithium-logo-ideas-v4-1920x1080px-01

Liberty One believes that access to strategic lithium resources are the key to a robust energy strategy to protect global economic stability.